Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's - Lasagna for dessert

Did I have the kids going tonight! Being April Fool's Day and all, I found a recipe in a magazine for fake out lasagna. It looks like the real deal but is really a sweet treat. It helped that the last two nights we really did have lasagna for dinner. So this is how it played out:
Me - Who wants dessert?
Kids - Me!
Me - We have some leftover lasagna from last night so were going to eat it for dessert.
Kids - What?! Then I don't want any. Can I have a cookie instead?
Me - Nope. Eat this first and then you can have a cookie.
So I dish them all up and set it out on the table for them to eat. "What is this?" they ask. Lasagna comes the reply. Of course by this time the torture is at peak level and Doug says that I have something to say to the kids so I say April Fool's.

Ben eating his "lasagna" with a chagrined express after being fooled

Chris dug right in

View from the side

Top view

Make a box of instant vanilla pudding (I used banana). Cut a loaf of pound cake into 1/4-in-thick slices. Arrange half of the slices in a 7-by-11-inch baking dish, then press 20 vanilla wafers into the cake. Make fake tomato sauce: MIx 3/4 cup strawberry jam with 5 crushed oreos and dollop half of the mixture over the wafers. Sweeten 3/4 cup ricotta cheese with 2 teaspoons sugar; dollop half over the jam. Top with 1 sliced banana and half of the pudding. Repeat with the remaining cake, 20 more wafers, the remaining jam adn ricotta mictures, another sliced banana and the remaining pudding. Top with shaved white chocolate, crushed wafers and mint; chill.
From Food Network Magazine

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