Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jello Jewels

When you think of a celebrated holiday thoughts tend to go staight to food.  We're human and it's okay even normal to think of all the yummy deliciousness of the holiday season.  Think of Halloween candy, Thanksgiving turkey or pumpkin pie, Christmas cookies and of course the birthday cake.  So what do we think of when Easter comes?  Deviled Eggs.  Easter Ham.  Potato Salad.  Carrot Cake (at least in my family).  And here we always have a mulit-colored jello salad.  You take small squares of jigglers and mix them up with a lemon pineapple jello mix and set up in either a big bowl or a 9X13" pan.  They look like jewels sparkling in the mix.  Usually I use a jellybean jello mold instead of cutting into squares, but I was pressed for time this year.  If you want to try this just keep on reading.

Jello Jewels
4 large or 8 small boxes of jello - you really want variety of color for best presentation
1 large box of lemon jello or orange will work too
1 can (20 oz) crushed pineapple; drained, reserving juice
8oz cool whip

Make each packet of jello but the large lemon with half the water.  Use what ever pans you have.  For the big boxes I used pie tins and a 9" cake pan; the small boxes fit nicely in a loaf pan. 

Once set up cut into bite size squares and mix into large bowl.

Make the lemon jello according to directions using the reserved pineapple juice for the cold water adding more water if needed.  When jello is at a soft set stir in the pineapple and cool whip.  At this point if you are using a 9X13" pan as your final pan, pour the cut up jello into the bowl with the lemon jello and stir to combine; then pour into cake pan.  If you are using a big bowl then your cut up jello should already be in it and you can pour the lemon mix over it.  Stir well.

Now put in fridge and let it set up.  Overnight is great.
See all the little jewels in the jello?

Just a pretty dessert or side dish!

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