Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Skeleton Cakes

I found this site called where everything is baking.  She has this cool idea to make small cake cupcakes with cake and frosting and then you dip them in chocolate.  I can't remember if it was her site but some place someone took this idea and made cutout stars.  A light bulb went on and I had an idea:  Why not make pumpkins for Halloween?  Well I'll tell you why not,  I didn't have any orange dipping chocolate or any white that I could color.  So, I thought of making ghosts until I found this skull cookie cutter.  I love them.  Some may think this is time consuming, but really it wasn't that bad especially if you like to make candies.  I love how they turned out and so does my mummy.  How about you?

1- 9X13" cake cooked and fully cooled
2 cup cream cheese frosting, bought or made
dipping chocolate
candy for decoration if wanted

After cake is completely cooled, break it up into very tiny pieces in a large bowl.  You may use your food processor if you wish.  Stir in the frosting.  I ended up using my hands.  Once all mixed up line your cake pan (no need to clean it first) with foil or wax paper and dump in the cake mess.  Flatten it all out so it is even.  Freeze for 15-30 min or put in fridge for a couple of hours.  When time is up, take out and start cutting out your chosen shape.  With leftover cake re-shape and flatten again.  Freeze while you dip the first batch.  I found it best to use the bottom as the top and the top as the bottom so you end up with a flat top otherwise you can have bumps.  Now dip the cutout in the melted chocolate.  I found it best to dip what is going to be the bottom in first halfway, let it harden and then dip the top in and decorate immediately if desired.  Let harden on counter and store in fridge when all done.  Repeat with leftover cake.  Because of the cream cheese frosting these should be stored in the fridge.  I'm thinking of trying with just a butter frosting next time and seeing if it works as well.

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